Smiltenes novads, Blomes pagasts, “Donas”

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Our beautiful building made of cobblestones was renovated and proudly stands on a Vidzemes hill, from where you can see local ponds with a pair of swans. We tried to preserve historical mood and aura. The furniture and home decorations have passed through a lot of historical events and now acquired a new splendor which delights our guests with exquisite elegance. Modern furniture suits the general style and complements the feeling of antiques.
Respectful hospitality


The area of the kitchen is 42.2 sq.m, and this is the place where you can cook by yourself.

There is a bathhouse available at our "Donas" guest house, which will allow the guests of the House to relax perfectly.

On shivery days there is a possibility to make fire in the fireplace, drink tea or a glass of wine and enjoy wonderful music on a plate recorder.



There are seven rooms in our ancient building, which are furnished in rococo and Art Deco styles in combination with the elegance of modern steel design.
House of senses


In the guest house “Donas” there is a guest hall for 40-50 people, a “house of senses” saloon with a fire place , a beautiful large kitchen with a bread making machine and other modern kitchen appliances and a sauna with a comfortable relax zone and a large shower room. The guest house is suitable for wedding ceremonies , for beautiful and unforgettable moments as well as for the guests who want to enjoy peace and tranquility.

There is qualitative safe Internet in our guest house, both inside and outside.

On the green and well maintained territory of the guest house “Donas” You can have a walk to the nearest ponds, where You can fish or have a look at the old Jeberlejas open air stage or wander in the flowery meadows. There is a volleyball court not far from the open air stage.

The guest house is suitable for wedding ceremonies and other festivities, for all kinds of themed seminars and other inspirational events. Since 2020 our guest house has become “a house of senses” with a dominating distinguished style and it is waiting for the guests who wish to enjoy peace and comfort.

Elegant style facilities are suitable for any small conferences, seminars, themed nights and other inspirational events.



The surroundings of “Donas” are very well maintained, we have a beautiful pond, a volleyball court, flowery meadows and the ancient Jeberlejas open air stage. There is a possibility to fish in the nearest ponds. The guest house is suitable for wedding ceremonies, great festivities, themed seminars and inspirational events.
Our special invitation is for wedding planners. Newlyweds will have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate their unforgettable day in extraordinary atmosphere and classy interior. The whole guest house with its large outside territory can be rented for a wedding ceremony, it can be suitable for up to 50 guests 



Have a look at our photo gallery and you will get the first impression about our guest house, its rooms, relax zones and environment.