Smiltenes novads, Blomes pagasts, “Donas”

The owners` story

The House of Senses

This is a special place which enchanted us from the very first moment without any compromise. The decision to renovate this house and to invest our labour and energy in it was easy and fast in contrast with the work which had to be done. But the satisfaction about the result is great and we do hope you will appreciate it,too.

In our guest house “Donas” we are also waiting for businessmen, who want to organize seminars, conferences or “team building” events. Please contact us and we will answer all your questions and do our best to help you make the best decision.


We are happy to welcome wedding parties or any other celebrations .You can rent the whole house with premises as well. The large and splendid guest hall can welcome up to 40-50 guests. The hall is decorated with a wonderful ceiling chandelier and a beautiful rococo style sideboard. They are stylishly combined with a modern style table and chairs and are waiting for the guests.


There is a “saloon of senses” with a fire place , which is designed and suitable for hearty talks over a glass of wine. If the weather is damp, you can lit fire in the fire place, have a cup of tea or coffee in a porcelain cup and enjoy music on the plate recorder, watch TV or play novuss with your friends.


Our beautiful building made of cobblestones was renovated and now it is proudly standing on a Vidzemes hill, from where you can see local ponds with a pair of swans who live there. We did our best to preserve historical mood and aura. The furniture and home decoration have passed through a lot of historical events and now acquired a new splendor which delights our guests with exquisite elegance. The modern furniture suits the general style and complements the feeling of antiques.


The parish of Blomes is situated in the west part of Smiltenes. The name of the parish takes its origin from the name of one of the first owners of the Blomes estate, whose name was Blomenhof. Starting with 1928 the owner of the Blome estate or mansion is the administration of the Blomes parish. During the post war years the parish was known as the state farm “Uzvara”, but after 1955 it was known as the village of Blomes. Not far from the Jeberlejas open air stage there is a building made of cobblestones which attracted attention with its solidity both in times of peace and times of war .The building was constructed in Blomes parish in 1895 as a horse stable, but starting with 1950 the building was transformed into the famous Blomes bakehouse which used to bake one of the most delicious bread in Latvia. Bread making stopped in 2001, and after that the building stood empty without inhabitants and nobody took care of it. In 2006 the beautiful building was renovated and delicious rye bread baking was resumed. The building received the status of the village house “Donas”. Starting with 2020 the house has cecome a “guesthouse of senses” with a dominating exquisite style. It is waiting for guests for who wish to enjoy peace and tranquility.